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Statement of the MFA of Ukraine on the terrorist attack on Mariupol | 24 January, 16:03

On 24 January, Russian-backed terrorists committed another heinous crime against humanity. As a result of the shelling of residential areas in Mariupol, in eastern Ukraine, more than 20 civilians have been killed and more than 80 wounded. According to preliminary information, the bombardment was carried out using multiple “Grad” rocket launchers from inside terrorist-controled territory.

Joint Statement of the Ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, 21 January 2015, Berlin | 22 January, 00:22

The Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine continued theirdiscussion on the way ahead towards a peaceful settlement of the crisis situation in Eastern Ukraine on the basis of the Minsk agreements, including a sustainable political process.

Day of Mourning in Ukraine | 15 January, 07:00

January 15, 2015 has been proclaimed as a Day of Mourning in Ukraine for the people murdered by terrorists. First of all, for the civilians killed at the checkpoint near Volnovakha, Ukraine.

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